What You Will Learn

As a Sales Manager, leading your Sales Team in today’s dealership requires a customer-centric approach. This approach takes the focus off of old school closing tactics and replaces them with a commitment to customer experience and relationship building. Regardless of the multiple channels they can take to interact with your dealership, today’s customers want a better buying experience.

  • Lead Management

    Define and refine your showroom processes and align customer engagement strategies with your tools and technology.

  • Performance Management

    Motivate your sales team to strive for a customer-first mindset while still understanding the importance of appointment management.

  • Process Management

    Master the art of modern management engagement to enhance the showroom experience, reduce the time spent at the dealership, and drive higher close rates.


Here are all the courses that are included in this program:

Meet Your Trainer

Instructor Bio:

Lawson Owen is the founder and Managing Partner at Proactive Dealer Solutions. He is a thought leader in lead and process management and has been inspiring management teams for over 20 years. Lawson has helped to implement over 4,000 business development centers throughout the US and Canada.

Lawson Owen

Managing Partner


"Everyone in my store has been certified in the program including, and most importantly, all my managers. Our team better understands lead and process management and how to measure our success better than ever before.” ~ PAT PRESTON, DEALER PRINCIPAL, PRESTON SUPERSTORE

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