What You Will Learn

Lead management for sales starts with a structured balance of managing your customer experience when they are trying to gather information over the internet and over the phone with managing outbound call campaigns to keep your sales pipelines full. Dealerships today are losing sales customers due to fail points over the phone or during the online shopping process, and a lack of follow-up and follow-through on outbound campaigns. Let this course guide the way to being the best in town and converting your leads at the highest rates.

  • Customer Experience

    Take a first impressions self-assessment of the experience a potential sales customer has when trying to connect with your dealership and gather the information they need to move down the sales funnel.

  • Lead Management

    Coach and train your staff to handle every lead with a customer-centric approach to understand customer needs and know what to say when the customer says "NO".

  • Process Management

    Build more effective processes for handling fresh inbound sales calls, chats, texts while maintaining follow-up. Learn strategies for improving lead conversion rates and the importance of management awareness & synergy.

Meet Your Trainer

Instructor Bio:

Lawson Owen is the founder and Managing Partner at Proactive Dealer Solutions. He is a thought leader in lead and process management and has been inspiring management teams for over 20 years. Lawson has helped to implement over 4,000 business development centers throughout the US and Canada.

Lawson Owen

Managing Partner


"Everyone in my store has been certified in the program including, and most importantly, all my managers. Our team better understands lead and process management and how to measure our success better than ever before.” ~ PAT PRESTON, DEALER PRINCIPAL, PRESTON SUPERSTORE

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